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The album cometh! 5.6.10

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Really! It’s happening!

We wrote and practiced for months. Arranged and recorded for weeks. Our engineer Jack did WONDERFUL work for more weeks. We listened, we talked, we listened… and, ok, then we listened some more. And as of today we’ve sent out the artwork for printing, and sent out the pristine, glowing, untouchable master copy away for duplication, and then… and then, it comes back, and we’ve got our new album! And then you can have it too!

Now that the production side is ‘done’ from our end, I don’t know what we’re going to do with all this free time….

Haha, just kidding!!!!!

Many things to do, like practice, practice, practice so we really really (really) knock your socks off at our release show and during the tour.  And we’re going to move into our new place this weekend, which is super cute but so very empty at the moment. We’ve been in transition since before Eran went to China and I’m excited to into the new space and build our practice room/office so we can get a-rollin. Plus, our new place is within walking distance of the most delicious Thai place with the most splendid lunch special. Which means I’ll have to find a way to be home on weekday afternoons more often… nomnom. Anyway…

We’ve got a REALLY exciting update to the album countdown coming next week. Hint #1: It has to do with the album. What’s that? Not a real hint, you say? Ok, ok.  Hint #2: It has to do with YOU securing your very own copy of the album. I can say no more, or they will come after me.

Love! BYE!

PS. I know there are an awful lot of exclamation points in this post. I’ll work on varying my punctuation use. But it’s hard when I’m so excited!!!! Yeesh. There I go again.


The Album Countdown: Week 5 5.4.10

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Welcome to our WordPress! It’s so nice to see you here. 🙂

We’re going to be posting at least once a week for the next month, with updates to our exciting series of new developments: The Album Countdown. This week, we’re unveiling the blog.

TA DA!!!!

Our album is mastered and about to be sent to duplication…. which MEANS you’ll probably be seeing some important news about it here. Soon. Maybe even next week. Who knows? You might just want to check back in to find out what the news is. Perhaps…

BUT just in case you forget to check back in… and if you are like me and don’t want to miss a THING (and who does, really?)… you can subscribe to the blog! Just click that little button over there, on the right. You guessed it, it’s the one that says subscribe.  (Ok, zero points for creativity but 10 points for clarity, I think.)

If you subscribe you’ll get a little note letting you know whenever we post here. So you’ll get dibs on whatever cool stuff we’re announcing. Or dibs on making fun of the the video of us cramped in our overstuffed Toyota Camry while we’re melting in Arizona in the middle of June. Whichever works for you, works for us.

Enough babbling from me for now. Tonight, Eran’s putting finishing touches on the album artwork, and I’m putting finishing touches on .. oh, on this blog. I think that was the finishing touch, right there. Good night… or… good morning, I think.


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