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…. peep! 11.12.10

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You haven’t heard a peep from us in quite a while. So, I thought I’d make one. Here’s another… a little bit louder now?


It’s time to polish some newold material (that is, music we’ve started and put on hold for a while for various reasons). We have in the works a visit to Seattle in February and a trip to the midwest in April. So all we need now is a visit to… Portland. I doubt we’ll be playing much before the new year. This time is better spent getting our ducks in a row and make our people and selves proud. I do NOT doubt that it will be worth the wait.

Here’s a [cover of someone else’s] lullaby, in honor of (in protest of!!) the end of Daylight Savings Time. The only good thing about it getting dark at 5pm is that we don’t miss the sunlight when we’re working in the basement. The most bad thing about it getting dark at 5pm is the extreme sleep craving that comes about 6 hours too early.

Warning: Listening to the following before 8pm may drastically decrease your evening productivity. May also increase your consumption of hot cocoa, and your ZZZZs.

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