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2011 Song of the Week

So we decided to take on a challenge/project for 2011. Every week of this year, we are writing and recording a new song and then producing a video for it. The new songs and videos are released on Sunday, posted to YouTube and then blogged about right here on WordPress.

Click here for the Song of the Week Blog Posts!
Or if you’d rather, you can go straight to the
YouTube playlist for all the videos.

We are trying to use this challenge to encourage our own creativity and stretch our boundaries. Putting out new material (that we’re proud of) every week means we need to really think outside of our own comfort zone. It also means we need to have a damn good work ethic! (Still perfecting that part, though…)

Everything you see and hear is a work in progress. We appreciate your thoughts, comments and feedback because, after all, this is one big experiment for us. If you like what you hear, you can subscribe to the blog and you’ll get our weekly video in your email inbox every Sunday.

Please share with your friends, and keep an eye on the blog for other news & show updates. Thanks so much for your support!

Allie & Eran

PS -The first couple of months, our videos were pretty simple and, well, not that interesting. Trust me, they get better! For example, check out “Strongest Drug” for our very first videosong.



1. Kaaren Graham - 10.2.11

What was this all about, really??? Lovely soulful, heartfelt song…

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