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What To Do? 1.30.11

Posted by Sound Semantics in 2011songoftheweek, music video.

The Bloggy Part

Well, you may have noticed a pattern by now. If not, allow me to explain.

After we put out ‘at the drop of a hat’ last summer, Eran & I went into a hibernation of sorts for a few months. Yeah, I know… wrong time of year for hibernation. Anyway I’ve said a few times that we are trying to get back into it–get the creativity flowing, and get the music playing. The videos we’ve put up over the past few weeks are a part of that effort.

We are posting a new video, for a new song (or arrangement), every Sunday this year. We’re excited about our new songs, and eager to share them with you. We even planned for Eran’s absence, and got a couple ready in advance! You’ll find a new song on our blog each week on Sunday… and of course, the video is on YouTube… and we’ll post a link to Facebook, and to Twitter… all the usual suspects. But the easiest way not to miss the new songs is to subscribe to the blog. Just sayin’

So, without further ado, here’s this week’s installment of Sound Semantics, version 2011. Hope you enjoy the songs, and the videos. Give us a holler, here or on Facebook, and let us know which ones you really like!

The Musicky/Videoey Part

What to do when Eran’s out of town?
Well, anyone can play guitar, right? Even Allie… right?



1. tess patton - 1.30.11

i think that song is great! Even if the best cousin in the world is not singing in it.

soundsemantics - 1.31.11

😉 Thanks Tess, glad you like it!! -Allie

2. Richard Osterman - 1.30.11

While Eran is out of town, come on over to P.A.T.E.O.T.U. on Monday night open mic…..

soundsemantics - 1.31.11

Unfortunately I work the next few Monday nights, but I will let you know when we can make it out – as soon as my schedule lightens up 🙂

3. Richard Osterman - 1.30.11

Wow Allie, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you play the guitar before…. I’m impressed….

soundsemantics - 1.30.11

Yep.. I’m full of surprises 🙂

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