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Little By Little/Codex/Give Up The Ghost 2.27.11

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Last Saturday, February 19th, we had a show up in Seattle. It also happened to be the day the new Radiohead album, “The King Of Limbs,” came out. So, on our 3 hour drive up, we listened to the new album by one of our favorite bands. This week’s posting is our take on a few of our favorite songs from the album all squished into one.

The Radiohead sound is probably best known for two things: beautiful, rich soundscapes and Thom Yorke’s unintelligible lyrics. We cope with the first element by having this be our take on the songs, however, we make no claim to having figured out all of Thom’s lyrics 🙂


Love Song in Hebrew שיר אהבה בעברית 2.20.11

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I’ve been getting hounded by all my Hebrew speaking relatives and friends for years now to write songs in Hebrew. Well… here!

Seriously though, I just got back a week ago from a two week trip back to Israel and it was wonderful seeing old friends and family again. At the same time though, I missed my loves and my life back in Portland. Surrounded by Hebrew, I was inspired to write in the language about the dichotomy of having two homes that you love and long for.

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much I enjoyed coming up with it.

Peace and love,


2.11.11 2.13.11

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This past Friday I spent a lot of the late morning/early afternoon hours listening to the breaking news coming out of Egypt (For those of you who don’t know, I’m a public radio junkie). Later that day, while figuring out a song for this week’s post, an old spiritual called “Go Down Moses,” made famous by Paul Robeson kept playing in my head.  “2.11.11” is what came out.


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