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Drains All My Energy (Justin Froese) 5.29.11

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Every now and then we throw somebody else’s music in the mix for this project (details here). This week we are feeling spoiled, as this is no ordinary cover. We had the good fortune and privilege to be able to cover a great song… by a friend of ours… with the songwriter himself in our living room joining the session 🙂

Justin Froese (justinfroese.bandcamp.com) is finishing up a tour this week. While passing through Portland, Justin graciously lent us his talent–and his song, of course–for this recording of “Drains All My Energy.” If you like what you hear in the video, head over to his website for more great original music: justinfroese.bandcamp.com. Justin, thank you so much, again!


I’m Still Here 5.22.11

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Well folks… it’s May 22nd… and we’re still here. We didn’t make the cut for the rapture.  Seems like a lot of folks in Portland are still here.

How about you? If you’re damned to the earth, too, repost. Let’s see who else is gonna be around for the party! 🙂

PS – Of course, we don’t ascribe to this particular belief. This is just a joke, guys. No offense to anybody. Though I guess if you do believe… maybe you’re not still here….

Lovely You 5.15.11

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This week’s song has been an interesting process for both of us, full of unusual and brand new creative steps. Here’s the video and song, and below there’s some info on how we ended up with what we did.

So I (Allie) went through some old lyrics to piece together the words for this song and wrote most of the melody and basic harmony without Eran… something I very rarely, if ever do. Eran helped me put some meat on those bones for the rest of the music, but we wanted to try out some unique sounds. Thats where those cut-up/mishmashed phrases come in between every verse. So many artists that we enjoy use this kind of editing to create really unique sounds that stay with us. This is our first shot of mimicking it. We also have some shoe-on-floor noises, and nice new rattling shaker sounds from some African instruments we recently received as a gift. Neat!

As for the video, Eran tried out a new drawing-to-footage transition that allowed us to use pretty simple footage but spice it up a little for different sections in the song. There’s some vague hint of storyline, or at least a mood, that is meaningful to me in relation to the lyrics. It’s important for me that the two characters are never pictured in the same frame, and you just see a girl, going through her day, alone. But I won’t say anymore–it’s up for your interpretation anyway, as always.

Thanks for the support, hope you enjoy, and happy Sunday,


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