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Drains All My Energy (Justin Froese) 5.29.11

Posted by Sound Semantics in 2011songoftheweek, cover lovers, videosong.

Every now and then we throw somebody else’s music in the mix for this project (details here). This week we are feeling spoiled, as this is no ordinary cover. We had the good fortune and privilege to be able to cover a great song… by a friend of ours… with the songwriter himself in our living room joining the session 🙂

Justin Froese (justinfroese.bandcamp.com) is finishing up a tour this week. While passing through Portland, Justin graciously lent us his talent–and his song, of course–for this recording of “Drains All My Energy.” If you like what you hear in the video, head over to his website for more great original music: justinfroese.bandcamp.com. Justin, thank you so much, again!



1. marissabloom - 5.29.11

Ok. Once again you amaze me with your talents…. Musically and with your amazing recording equipment and video skills. I was rockin out to this one. So much fun! Sometimes I have to remind myself that I actually know you guys! So impressed.

Sound Semantics - 5.30.11

Thanks Marissa, as always 🙂 We absolutely love this song, it was so much fun to get to work with Justin and get someone else’s sounds and ideas into our project! We didn’t blog it yet, but we worked up another video this week that Eran thought you might like… check your facebook, I’ll send it along! -a

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