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Harry 7.17.11

Posted by Sound Semantics in 2011songoftheweek.

Yes, that Harry.

For all the die-hard fans, for all the children at heart, for all the Potter historians, for all the muggle wannabes…. this song’s for you. We took to the streets to see if we could gather some enthusiastic crowd noise for this song. And boy, was the crowd enthusiastic! There were folks lined up for Harry Potter 7, Part 2 starting around 5pm where we live, probably even earlier actually.

We had fun writing a rock song in honor of the hero of this generation, and many generations to come. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, play this song loud on your way in. If you have, blast it when you get out of the theater-melancholy, victorious, and carrying the Harry torch for your children and their children’s children!



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