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Hangman 7.10.11

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Ladies and gentlemen, let the record show that the publish date of this post is BEFORE midnight, on Sunday July 10th. We’re a little late, but we are staying true to the ‘Songs on Sunday’ format for our 2011 project!

Today’s video comes to you about 12 hours later than usual, for a number of reasons, including–but not limited to–sleep deprivation, procrastination, new program learning, new program crashing, work obligations, and a dash of brain storming. In spite of the delays, we are very happy with what came out.

This song was born with a different name and a decidedly less morbid character at its center. But sometimes you need to give in to your dark side, just a little bit. We resurrected Eran’s music and mixed it up with some creepy storytelling from both of us. A few harmony splashes and we were ready (well, Eran was ready) to tackle the video.

Rather than bore you with a play-by-play of the last 36 hours, let’s just say this. Stick figures can be pretty tricky. Maybe our crabby little characters were just trying to get back at us for the death sentence.

In any case this flash-animated video was a hefty undertaking for Eran, but also an educational and mostly fun one. Hopefully you’ll be seeing some more (and more advanced) animation coming in the second half of this year. And hopefully our delays will stay at bay so we can get them to you on time 🙂



RSVP 7.3.11

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It could be that our idea for this song’s title came from a desire to hear back from our listeners – know what they’re thinking and enjoying when we put out new music. Or it might be that it’s more about summertime, parties, get togethers, trips, and all that goes into getting people together to enjoy long weekends and beautiful weather. Maybe it’s about a secret masquerade party where you can only be recognized by your shadow and voice, if at all.

That’s all to say… it’s about whatever you want it to be about.

For us, it’s about the sounds we came up with, and the mood they create.  Enjoy!

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