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A Dream Deferred 9.18.11

Posted by Sound Semantics in 2011songoftheweek, music video, videosong.

Ok, time for a confession. This song is not brand new this week. In fact, it’s one of the ‘rejects’ from our writing sessions for ‘at the drop of a hat,’ so it’s at least a year and a half old… maybe a little more than that. So we are bending our own rules a little, but for a good cause! We loved this song and gave it new life with a different arrangement (and singer). Hope you enjoy, more about the video… after the video.

I tried to reapproach this song with a completely fresh perspective – ‘forgetting’ some of the things that originally inspired Eran’s lyrics. What I heard upon new listen was a song about how, sometimes, life just doesn’t go the way you want it. You never know when someone or something will get in the way of what you thought your dreams and plans were. Sometimes you end up with a very positive change in direction, sometimes not so much, but at least for me that redirection is always pretty scary.

Letting go of control, letting some other force command your next move when you want it to be your own will so badly – it’s not easy. But the goal I strive for is to make the best of it, even when ‘it’ isn’t what you thought it would be. It’s not always easy, but in my experience, it IS always rewarding. Of course, there’s always a feel good message at the end. šŸ™‚

We painted the scenes with watercolors and made some friends and weather with markers and paper. This was another experiment in stop motion for us, and let me take this opportunity to reiterate: it takes SO many pictures to get a minute of video! Hope you enjoy, and please share with your friends if you like what you hear and see. Thanks!




1. marissabloom - 9.18.11

What a very yogic post Allie. šŸ™‚ I love it. And as always, you’re singing and Eran’s playing is exquisite and heart-wrenching. Love you guys. YOU ARE AWESOME!

2. Kaaren Graham - 9.18.11

Loved this touching, soulful song. Yet another wonderful production from Allie and Eran. Thank you.

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