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For The Love Of You 10.23.11

Posted by Sound Semantics in 2011songoftheweek, music video.

I’m sure a few other blog posts this year have started like this: “Writing a song a week is hard!”

I was trying to think of what to do this week and started playing around with a few harmonic ideas (chord changes) that I had. Problem was, I couldn’t make it all happen on the guitar. So, I sat at the computer and started putting the different parts I was coming up with right into the computer. Pretty soon this song began emerging. I haven’t done too much with “electronic” music up to this point, so this was an exciting new venture for me. I think this song merits bobbing your head back and forth, hopefully you’ll agree.

Lyrically, the song became it’s own subject, though the lyrics were intentionally left pretty general. I think the feeling of being simultaneously frustrated and fascinated by something (or someone) is a communal experience, true of many different disciplines and relationships. So, think about whatever it is that you love but drives you crazy, and enjoy.




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