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Bells 10.9.11

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Anybody notice that it’s Autumn…like, for real?!?….We did.

With this song we are returning to some of our earlier experiments with sounds and loops but with an attempt to do something a little different. This song is supposed to be much more reflective, if you catch yourself drifting off while listening, that’s kinda the point! Hopefully, you’re drifting towards good (or at least interesting) thoughts. For us, that’s what Autumn feels like.

On a technical note, there are only two instruments on this song. The guitar and a bells (or glockenspiel)–hence the name of the song. What we did was take a few simple notes and then use the computer to slow them down and drop them in pitch, reverse them and do all sorts of interesting things. Pretty nifty stuff 🙂



My Regret 10.2.11

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This song had a strange birth. Eran found the recording of the basic melody saved in his cell phone voice memos, from… well, we have no idea when it was from. He started with some lyrics that were too sad for my taste and then came back with what you hear. (Yes – believe it or not, we started with an even sadder story than this one :(). From there, teamwork took over and we fattened it up with some lush harmonies. Special thanks to Chris Glaab for lending us his saxophone and talent to get that extra something we were looking for. That’s about all I can say, I really think this one speaks for itself:

We had some alternative ideas for this video but as it turns out, a ‘simple’ videosong was the better way to go. That decision was partially made because of our time restrictions. But even more than that, the song became such a strong statement that it seemed unnecessary to put a lot of bells and whistles on it… so to speak. Hope you enjoy, and hope you will share with your friends, repost on facebook, subscribe to the blog (if you don’t already), and continue checking out the rest of our 2011 songs and videos!


PS. For any newcomers, here’s a page explaining what the heck this is all about: 2011 Song of the Week.

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