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Colors of the Wind 11.27.11

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This week our work window was a bit abbreviated, with Thanksgiving stuck right in the middle. We were seeking inspiration for a Thanksgiving-related-cover rather than one of our own songs, and our stellar friend Brittany immediately came up with “Colors of the Wind” from Disney’s Pocahontas. Despite some other suggestions, this one stuck out as too fun to pass up. More about the video and the process after you watch it:

In this week’s song and video we wanted to try out a couple of things that we’ve been interested in, but haven’t gotten around to yet this year. For one, Eran worked with a mix of animation and video. Although we have done this before, the interactive element of the video and animation in “Colors of the Wind” was new. We had lots of fun experimenting. Not surprisingly, it’s tricky to interact with things that aren’t really there, in an empty room, along to musical cues. But it tested my on-screen capabilities. Plus, I’m glad to have had a chance to work with a wolf and a bobcat.

In terms of music, Eran has been thinking about playing around with a bossa nova for some time, but it just hadn’t come together. So we thought, what better way than to apply a familiar form to a familiar song, and make each one stand out in a new and unique way?

Hope you enjoy this week’s song, and a happy belated Thanksgiving to you and yours!




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