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About Us

Send us an email at SoundSemantics@gmail.com and say hi if you’d like to know more, or have any questions 🙂

If a singer/songwriter, folk troupe, indie pop idol and rock band collided… and put on two really nice hats… you’d be left with something like Sound Semantics. Channeling artists like Paul Simon, Regina Spektor, The Avett Brothers and Elliott Smith, the duo mixes sounds—acoustic and electric, old and new—to deliver listeners something strangely familiar yet unmistakably all their own. Based in Portland Oregon, Allie & Eran started making music together professionally in 2008, in conjunction with debut album “Ebb & Flow.” In 2010, a three-week-tour brought their sophomore release “at the drop of a hat” across the western US.

Following these releases, Sound Semantics took on a different sort of project for 2011. All year, every week, the duo produced a new song and music video. Experimenting with new sounds and techniques, Sound Semantics is pushing their boundaries further than ever. The songs blend singable pop melodies, indie moods, rock-inspired textures and material ranging from thoughtful to just plain silly. Find out more on the blog or at www.SoundSemantics.com



1. Bob Frapples - 6.15.10

What instruments do you play?

soundsemantics - 6.15.10

Eran plays guitar, kick drum, & sings lead vocals… Allie sings lead vocals & plays hand percussion (tambourine, shaker, hand drum, glockenspiel). Good question 🙂

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