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Going Through The Motions 10.30.11

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This song is for everyone who’s ever felt like they engaged in something half-heartedly.

I find that sort of thing seems to happen all too often. Part of the motivation behind taking on this weekly song project was to (at least in the world of Sound Semantics) stop going through the motions and actually do something. But that’s just one corner of life 🙂

Here’s to purpose!



My Regret 10.2.11

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This song had a strange birth. Eran found the recording of the basic melody saved in his cell phone voice memos, from… well, we have no idea when it was from. He started with some lyrics that were too sad for my taste and then came back with what you hear. (Yes – believe it or not, we started with an even sadder story than this one :(). From there, teamwork took over and we fattened it up with some lush harmonies. Special thanks to Chris Glaab for lending us his saxophone and talent to get that extra something we were looking for. That’s about all I can say, I really think this one speaks for itself:

We had some alternative ideas for this video but as it turns out, a ‘simple’ videosong was the better way to go. That decision was partially made because of our time restrictions. But even more than that, the song became such a strong statement that it seemed unnecessary to put a lot of bells and whistles on it… so to speak. Hope you enjoy, and hope you will share with your friends, repost on facebook, subscribe to the blog (if you don’t already), and continue checking out the rest of our 2011 songs and videos!


PS. For any newcomers, here’s a page explaining what the heck this is all about: 2011 Song of the Week.

The Past 9.25.11

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If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone lamenting about how much better things used to be… I’d be very rich. It’s very easy to do–the past has an allure to it that the preset simply lacks. While I personally don’t have too much past to work with yet, I often find myself wondering what it would have been like to live at different points in history.

Which brings me to this week’s song. As you may have guessed it’s about the past. However, for the first time I’m going to request that you watch/listen to the song twice. This is because the song takes on very different meanings depending on what you pay attention to.

1st time: Don’t worry about the video too much, try and just listen to the song.
2nd time: Pay attention to the video! 🙂

What’s different here from other videos we’ve done, is that at times we use the video to comment on the song, rather than just highlight certain elements. Oh yeah, it’s also a really fun song, so enjoy!


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