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The Last Song (I’m So Glad) 1.1.12

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1 year. 12 months. 52 weeks. 3 hours of music.

And, to be blunt, we are pretty damn happy, and proud of ourselves. And we deeply and sincerely hope that you’ve enjoyed sharing in our process, creativity, and plain old fun.

This song, The Last Song, tries to capture some of our exuberance. Not only are we thrilled and lucky to have had this project all year, but we are quite pleased to have made it to the end (and to a break)! It also, quite literally, looks back on everything we’ve made in this last year. Hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane.

There were two especially great things about making this last song and video. One was we were able to invite our friends over one last time (for this project, anyway) to share their talents and creativity with us. We are, as always, grateful to everyone who’s been involved this year–and especially this week to Ari, Aaron, Jessie, Jonathan, Emily, Chris, and Gina.

The second was going through all our old videos to choose what images we would feature from each one. It was great fun to remember songs we’d forgotten, get a fresh look at some of the different things we tried, and simply go back to watch and listen for the fun of it. I hope you’ll do the same whenever you need your Sound Semantics fix. If you’re reading this blog… then you know where to find us 🙂

With gratitude and happiness, we sign off now for a few weeks of vacation before the next chapter.


Allie & Eran

PS. Happy New Year!


How Did I Lose Track 12.25.11

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Over the last year I’ve gotten a fair number of questions along the line of, “Why on earth would you take on a project like this?!” Hopefully this song will be a bit of an answer. It was actually written around the end of 2010 when I was feeling pretty down about what I was doing and how.

Sounds like a downer, right? Well, I see this song now as a turning point. Out of feeling drained and dead creatively, we managed to reinvigorate our spirits into this video/song project. So, we approached this song (and encourage you to listen and view it) as a look back on how we’ve grown over the last year. In that spirit, I shot this song like our first few, just sitting in front of a camera…with a few recording improvements 🙂


PS. Lest you think we’d forgotten… Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! And an early Happy New Year! We hope that all our readers are safe and enjoying the season with friends and family. -Allie

PPS. Our very last post in the 2011 Song of the Week series will come on the very first day of 2012. Stay tuned…

Take A Look At Me 12.18.11

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Fun with photos! In this week’s video you get to watch us play dress-up a little, dance-show a little, and stop-motion a little…

We’ve been in a bit of a motown phase and some of the sounds we’re experimenting with in this song pay homage to the greats of that era. We make no claims to replicate their sounds of course, but we’ve been feeling inspired and wanted to throw some of that into the mix.

As we recorded this song, I was reminded of how fun it is to play with background vocal parts. I love just experimenting in the moment and seeing what we come up with. I think you’ll be hearing more of that in the remaining few songs… 🙂


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