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Tune The World Out 12.4.11

Posted by Sound Semantics in 2011songoftheweek, music video.

And now for something completely different!
We’re a little late for Halloween, but any time is a good time to smear some blood on your face… right?

A couple more firsts this week. Eran played the cello for the first time! Our good friend is loaning us a cello and it’s been good fun playing around with yet another new sound.  In terms of video, this is the first time we’ve gone with an idea that is so ‘simple’ in concept. Just a face. Well, four of them, overlapping and interacting. But at its core the video is just a face, which leaves a lot of room for little expressive details as well as your own interpretation while you watch.

And, it’s the first time I’ve been a zombie!

Enjoy, and always be prepared for the zombie apocalypse,




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